Life learning

I’m writing this blog to document, mainly to myself, my journey. I’m not even entirely certain that I’m ON a journey as yet however I FEEL as though I may be at least teetering on the brink of a journey. It’s as though I’m in a room; I’ve been in this room for a long time and am surrounded by lots of things, all very familiar to me. Some I find comforting. Some not so much. Some have shaped my life positively and negatively without me realising. At this very moment it’s as if I have a decision to make. Do I stay in the room where although the air may be stale, it’s a known entity? Do I spring clean & attempt to freshen up the room? Do I venture out and see if I can expand the room adding my own choices and colours and feelings along the way? As it is, I’m not content in the current situation, Inside or out, so although it’s the scariest, the option to venture out is the choice I’m making.

**opens door, peeps head out, takes a deep breath of fresh air**


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